Wacom Cintiq 13HD Drawing and Alternatives

When you think of Wacom Graphics Tablets that have a screen, what’s the first thing that you think? For me it’s the high price. Yes, they are considered as the best of the best by a lot people, but not by everyone that has used them. There is a steady stream of Wacom Cintiq users (Not just for the Wacom Cintiq 13HD) who have also used other models of Graphics Tablets which are much cheaper in price. They say that the Cintiq’s weren’t “all that” and prefer to save some money and use one of the cheaper models, either a Wacom with no screen (very cheap) or a different brand all together that does have a screen, like a Huion or Ugee.

Whilst I am aware of the fact that no matter how good a drawing tablet is it will never please everyone, there are a considerable amount of these comments and they all make me think the same thing. Are the Cintiq’s really worth their enormous price tags? I don’t own one so I can’t say for sure. But with so many brilliant budget priced Graphics Tablets out there, and after reading some of the Cintiq reviews, I’m not sure I’d buy one.

Although I will admit, they look really good when in use, and they are made to a seriously high standard, I’d probably sacrifice a bit on the colors, DPI, screen quality, and resolution and go with the Ugee 1910B. It uses a TN Panel, which isn’t as good as IPS. But this will be fine for a lot of people. These are limitations but overall the 1910 is a really good tablet if your on a budget. Saying that, there is only about $200 difference between the two models, so if you have the extra dollars go for a Wacom HD!

It really depends on what you primarily work with. If you are working mainly with black and white drawings like comic design, or don’t need the huge spectrum or full vivid, crystal clear coloring, the Ugee 1910 will be fine. If you absolutely need those features and you want the clearest and most vivid coloring and best viewing angles, you may want to spend that extra bit of money and get the Cintiq 13HD. Looking for a darkhorse that is seriously awesome? Do a search for the ARTISUL D13!. It’s most probably the best alternative. It has some great features. It doesn’t even need to use a mains plug as it’s power source. It can be run by the USB and HDMI alone. https://tabnation.wordpress.com/